Secure, Transparent eNote Settlement

Vestify provides true bailment for the perfection and settlement of eNote sales in the secondary market and eliminates the need for tri-party agreements while protecting the interests of all parties. With Vestify, you and your counterparty maintain control of your assets until the mutual terms of sale are met, only then will Vestify clear and settle your eNote sale.

Vestify provides the industry’s only digital platform for the secure clearance and settlement of eNote sales.

  • Execute one bilateral agreement with Vestify and eNote purchases from all clients will cleanly and easily settle on our secure digital platform.
  • Do away with complex, expensive and time-consuming legal agreements.
  • Eliminate the risk of short payoffs.
  • Streamline your operations and reduce costs.

Vestify brings complete transparency to your transaction while securely settling the purchase and sale of eNotes.

Vestify is offered by FirstFunding, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of
First American
Financial Corporation.

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