Expedite the eNote Settlement Process With a Simple, Secure, eNote Transfer Platform

The Vestify platform is the industry's first and only web-based technology that provides simple, secure eNote sale settlement.

The intuitive platform provides a collaborative portal that allows all participants to view the terms and status throughout the transaction. The Vestify platform also ensures that the transaction terms for all parties are met before securely transferring funds and the eNote from seller to buyer.

The Vestify platform facilitates a smooth eNote sales process, allowing you to maintain control because the platform protects the interests of all parties.

Vestify eNote Platform:

Simplify your eNote sales with the industry's only web-based clearance and settlement platform.

  • Execute one bilateral agreement between parties
  • Creates a bailment-equivalent process for electronic notes
  • Accelerates eNote transfer process while reducing costs
  • Eliminates the need for time-consuming annual legal agreements
  • Guarantees transaction terms are met for both buyer and seller
  • Securely transfers the eNote once terms are met
  • Users can view real-time status and eNote terms 24/7

How Does it Work?

The Vestify platform cuts through an inconvenient and complex process.

  • The Vestify platform's technology creates a bailment for eNotes by ensuring neither party surrenders control of its eNote until each party's transaction requirements have been met.
  • The Vestify platform makes the secondary market sale of your eNotes as simple, transparent and secure as the primary market process in which they were created.
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The Vestify platform is offered by First American Mortgage Solutions, a single source for all lender solutions.

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